About Us

For troops serving overseas, interpreters are family.

As combat operations come to a close, our troops have begun redeploying home. However, the mission is not complete until all teammates and their families are safe. Many of the brave interpreters who aided, assisted, and fought alongside us are not out of danger yet. 

As the evacuations began, many veterans (both current and former military) spent long hours and sleepless nights communicating with their interpreters and other teammates that were still left in harm’s way. When the last plane left, it was clear that the work was not yet finished. Our goal at Partnership for Allied Legislative Support is to take care of those who helped us in our time of need. 

We are a coalition of concerned veterans and citizens dedicated to engaging with our elected officials to promote the safety of refugees seeking asylum and the quick, efficient processing of Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), P1, and P2 refugee packets. 

They risked their lives and the lives of their families to help America fight terrorism. It is our moral obligation to secure the safety of those who put their life on the line for the hope of a better tomorrow. 

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