Our Mission

Our Mission

For nearly twenty years, US and Coalition Forces were assisted by loyal and brave interpreters who endured the same dangers and hardships as our troops.

At the risk of their own lives, they continued to aid us, believing in a better future for themselves and their children.

Our partnership is not over, even as the wars come to a close. Our interpreters worked tirelessly to facilitate negotiations and communication with local populations. We need to reciprocate that loyalty and speak up for them. We need to get them out of danger.

As many as 50,000 interpreters have worked directly with the US military. Many were able to evacuate but over 20,000 interpreters and their families are still seeking a way out. These are people who have earned special immigrant visas as thanks to their faithful hard work in aiding our men and women in uniform. 

There are things within our power as a nation that can be done to help these people reach safety.


We want the US government to use its mighty influence in the world to pressure the countries bordering Afghanistan to admit and protect our refugees.


We want our embassies in those countries to give the highest priority to processing Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) as well as P1 and P2 refugees from Afghanistan.


We want to assure those bordering countries that we will process SIVs, P1, and P2 packets as quickly as possible so the refugee camps are a temporary measure and will not become a permanent burden.

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